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  •   It's been a shamefully long time since my last dental visit due to the idea of how expensive a lot of the dental work that is needed on my teeth. It wasn't until a couple of friends strongly recommended Center Plaza Dentistry that I finally made an appointment. The staff is super warm and friendly. The office manager answered all my financial worries and budget concerns. I'm certainly bringing my family back for all their dental needs. So thankful for everyone at this dental office.

    thumb Joy N.
  •   I recently had a bad experience with a dental office that was so unprofessional and rude! They charged me an arm and leg for a teeth cleaning and hurt my gums in the process. Dr. Hofkes and Dr. Yin are both amazing! The office is really clean and welcoming. The staff is friendly and attentive. The office manager was professional and was very knowledgeable. The moment I walked in I knew I was in good hands. They checked my insurance benefits and made sure I knew what I was going to be paying for before any procedure was done. Highly recommend

    thumb Sissy Z.
  •   I just had recently switched over from a different dental office as my former dental clinic charged me way too much on top of what my insurance covered. After my visit at the office, I had come to realization how much my other clinic ripped me off. From the front desk to hands on dental services I was swiftly impressed. The manager Ailey is very professional and super friendly she seemed like she knew what she was doing as I asked plenty of questions in regards to my recommended care plan. I would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone looking for a genuine dental care!

    thumb KAT A.
  •   I never usually write reviews, but after my visit here I had to. I'm generally pretty timid about going to the dentist but I had a great experience here!

    Dr. Hofkes is amazing!! I will recommend him to everyone for sure. I needed to get a lot of work done, and he made sure that I felt comfortable through the whole thing. He was honest in recommending necessary treatment options which  I really appreciated.

    Ailee at the front is so sweet and is so welcoming.

    This office is definitely patient centered and they recommended best treatment options moving forward with my insurance coverage. I trust them 100% with all of my dental needs.

    The office is very clean, well kept, and very inviting.

    Thanks Center Plaza Dentistry! I'm so happy that I've found a great dentist!

    thumb Veronica T.
  •   Dr. Hofkes and Dr. Yin are very personable Dentists. They both always greet me and my son with warm smiles. I have had work done by Dr. Hofkes and he has made getting fillings done, not such a horrifying experience. Dr. Yin has done my son's dental work for the last 11 months. She is very kind and gentle with him. She has the perfect approach for working on young children. The dental assistants at this office are very professional and neat individuals. They wear the proper protective equipment when attending myself or my son. All the equipment is properly sterilized and sealed. The office is well organized and kept clean.

    thumb Alex C.
  •   I've always felt like there are 3 areas of expertise where I want to find someone who I can trust.  A good mechanic, a good physician, and last but not least a good dentist.

    Luckily for me, at Center Plaza Dentistry, I've found 2 dentist!  Dr. Hofkes and Dr. Yin.  I could tell that they place the patients' health and comfort high on their priority list which extremely important to me.  Especially when it comes to my teeth.  They take the time to ensure I understand everything that will be performed and are very patient with me.  I've had a lot of work done on my teeth in my younger years which can present interesting challenges to some dentist.  I have a permanent metal bar that acts as a retainer on the inside of my bottom row of teeth.  As you can imagine, food gets stuck there very easily causing lots of buildup.  I try my best to keep it clean but there's so much you can do with home equipment.  Past dentist have had a difficult time trying to clean around my retainer bar but not here.  My mouth and teeth feel so clean when I'm finished here.

    I've had 9 teeth removed in total in my early teen years so you can say going to the dentist can be a little traumatic for me.  Dr. Hofkes and Dr. Yin always do what they can to make sure I am comfortable and relaxed. As far as facilities and support staff goes, I have to reiterate what some of the other reviewers have stated.  This place is state-of-the-art and a very friendly staff.  

    Take care of yourself.  Take care of your teeth.  Trust Dr. Hofkes and Dr. Yin!

    thumb Peter E.
  •   First of all I want to start off saying most of my life I have not been a big fan of the dentist. However,  Center Plaza Dentistry has helped change that. Their offices are absolutely gorgeous and the staff is wonderful. Dr. Yin has been great, she is patient and explains everything thoroughly so you know what is going on at all times. She has made me feel comfortable and helped get rid of any of that "dental anxiety" a lot of people suffer from. I highly recommend Dr. Yin to anyone looking for an excellent dentist that will work to help you get your best smile.

    thumb Vanessa M.
  •   I was overdue for a cleaning and in need of a local dentist. I did a search on Yelp and checked out several business pages. I was very impressed with the things people said about Center Plaza Dentistry and decided to give them a call. I was able to get a last minute appointment and was elated yet nervous to finally be getting back in the dentist's chair. On the morning of my appointment, I walked in with a couple of minutes to spare and was immediately greeted by name. My appointment started on time and after walking through the door, the ball started moving immediately. I went from completing paperwork to having x-rays completed to meeting Dr. Hofkes and having my teeth examined and cleaned. I am accustomed to not having much time with the dentist and having a hygienist conduct the cleaning so it was a nice change. Dr. Hofkes has a very calm and relaxing demeanor. I like how patient he is and how he ensures that you are comfortable as well as informed about the service(s) and any treatments you may need to improve your oral care.

    Due to my negligence, I had to schedule an additional appointment following my cleaning to remedy cavities. I was able to schedule an appointment for a few days later. When I returned for my second appointment, I was not nervous in the slightest despite being afraid of needles. I was at ease knowing I would receive great care. I was able to relax until the point where I drifted off and did not feel any pain while the cavities were being filled. I did not even feel the injections when he was numbing the area around my teeth. After the anesthesia wore off a couple of hours later, I was still pain and discomfort free.

    I must apologize as I am bad with names but the staff members at Center Plaza are so delightful. Seriously, kudos to everyone from the office manager to the dental assistant to Dr. Hofkes!

    The dentist office offers in house dental plans as well as care credit financing for those who may be without dental insurance like myself. They even have discounts available on products and services. I cannot recall the details so please contact the office for the proper information regarding.

    They also have 3 options for patients interested in teeth whitening. At the conclusion of my last appointment, I inquired about whitening. They provide in house whitening, at home tray whitening, and at home strip whitening.

    I cannot rave enough about the staff members and the dentist office. I am very glad to have made the decision to become a patient at Center Plaza. I trust that my oral health is in good hands.

    One Last Thing.......did I mention how clean and aesthetically pleasing the office is? The office decor has a calming element and makes use of cool tones. The seating provided in the waiting area is plush. The chairs in the examination room are comfy. All of the equipment is state of the art. There is a tv provided in case you would like to watch something while your teeth are being tended to. Refreshments such as bottled water and coffee are always available. You seriously are getting top of the line care in style.

    Enjoy your next cleaning!

    thumb Latrunda S.
  •   I was recommend by a friend after she raved about how wonderful this place was. She was 100 percent right! It's a husband and wife that work together. I felt so welcomed and by the 2nd time I went I was greeted by the receptionist as if we had known each other for years. Super clean and new state of the art tools and equipment. Highly recommended I now have a few friends and family members coming to them now 🙂

    thumb Ashley R.
  •   In town for a wedding over the weekend and stopped by for a dental cleaning. The office is clean and beautiful. The staff was friendly and made me feel comfortable the entire time. I was even offered water while filling out paperwork. Dr. Hofkes was great. Not only did he provide the cleaning and removal of stains that I needed, but informed me that he saw a tooth that will need a filling in the future. He also took the time to explain to me how to take better care of my teeth and gums in a way that was neither condescending nor preachy. The experience here was excellent, and I really wish Dr. Hofkes was my dentist back home. Bonus points for being open on Saturdays!

    thumb Eddy C.