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  •   I started looking for a new dentist a few months ago.  I have had bad experiences with prior dentists.  I am so happy I found Dr. Hofkes.  He is the nicest guy and very thorough.  I had a crown done and he called me the next day to make sure there was no problem.  The staff also makes sure you are always comfortable and helpful.

    thumb Janice W.
  •   Beautiful office and amazing service!

    I went in for a teeth cleaning and the modern decor made me feel at ease. The doctor was amazing and gave me a thorough cleaning.

    Would highly recommend to anyone.

    thumb Man L.
  •   Best dental experience ever!!

    Recently I visited this dental office to get my teeth cleaned. I was referred here by a friend who highly complimented this place. Naturally, my expectations were very high. Walking in, the office is very clean and comforting with very aesthetic features. The receptionist was very helpful as it was my first time here and showed me all the paperwork I needed to fill out. She was also very helpful with all my questions about insurance. Dr. Hofkes was very gentle and made sure I was comfortable throughout the whole procedure. My teeth have never felt cleaner! Definitely recommend this place!!

    thumb Harvey T.
  •   Overall awesome. Dentist I would highly recommend them it's very hard to find a honest dentist who actually care for there patient and this dentist is awesome I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for a dentist look no further I am very honest about my review both postive and negative there deserve best 10 stars

    thumb Jose C.
  •   Great dentist! Dr. Yin is very ethical, professional and honest, what more could you want from your dentist. Highly recommended.

    thumb Miguel A.
  •   Dr. Yin and Dr. Hofkes were both so caring and professional. I have been to countless other dentist and was always over charged, but not at Center Plaza Dentistry. They were fair and always went over the pricing in a way any lay person could understand. The best part was that during the whole procedure they were making sure my comfort was a priority. I have recommended this location to countless family members and they have all been so happy with their visits.

    thumb Der H.
  •   Had an amazing first visit.. the office manager Ailey was very professional and friendly over the phone she made it really easy to set up an appointment. She helped me out with my insurance and answered all my questions thoroughly.  The DA Jody did an excellent job with my X-rays she was quick and proficient. Dr. Yin has great bedside manner she was very informative and professional. definitely found my new dentist

    thumb Blanca M.
  •   I've heard that smile is the best way to make a good impression. And since I am about to start a new job, I figured I needed to take care of my yellowing teeth which is a result from my coffee guzzling obsession. I tried to get this done with my dentist in San Diego, but they didn't offer the service. And I know you can do it with an at home kit, but I always felt that my teeth weren't white enough.

    By chance, a friend recommended that I check out Dr. Yin and Dr. Hofkes to get this service and I am so glad I did. Just my luck, they are close to my family AND they take patients on Saturday. Score!

    From start to finish I felt that the whole team was very attentive and friendly. Judy, the dental hygienist was nice and gentle. I didn't expect them to take x-rays of me teeth, but I am glad they did. (More on that in a second.) Dr. Hofkes performed my whitening service. He put a mouth guard on me to keep my mouth open and dental dam on my gums to protect them from the whitening agent. He did two 20 minute sessions to achieve the whiteness I was asking for. The procedure was a lot of waiting and sitting, but luckily there are TVs to pass the time. I am totally happy with the results! My whole family noticed my bright white smile. 🙂

    Now back to my x-rays. Dr. Hofkes informed me that I had two cavities forming and I should plan on taking care of it with my current dentist. Well guess what, I just had two cavities taken care of last month, but those were the only ones that she mentioned. What, more?? How did my doctor miss this? Turns out that they have the latest and greatest equipment so that they can catch these things early. Hearing dentists who invest in the best equipment speaks volumes to how they are going to treat their patients. That's all I needed to make my switch!

    I highly recommended Center Plaza Dentistry!

    thumb June S.
  •   So I was referred to to Center Plaza Dentistry by a longtime friend due to a loose filling and boy, was it a amazing experience. Yes....I said "amazing" in reference to a dentist office. Right?  

    Facility: 5 stars. Flat out - it's the nicest and most modern dentist office I've ever been to.  The entire office had the latest dental equipment that included a standing x-ray scanner and brand new chairs. Light and airy office.

    Reception and Customer Service: Absolutely wonderful receptionist that was well prepared and efficient upon my arrive. When I departed, she was more than patient in explaining my bill and breakdown of each service.  

    Dentist: I had Dr. Jaime Hofkes check out my loose filing and found a couple of cavities that was missed by my recent check-up. Very gentle and took his time to explain the procedure and what he was about to do.  Dr. Hofkes was awesome and made sure I was comfortable the whole time.  Dr. Yi swung by to say hello and I have to say that they're such wonderful folks. Very caring and genuinely passionate about their profession and patients.

    Overall, a very positive experience and super impressed!!!

    thumb Kenny H.
  •   Loved my whole experience here!

    I recently started work at a new company that gave me dental Insurance. We had a health fair and center plaza dentistry was one of the vendors that participated. After speaking to them, I found out that they are in network with my insurance and right down the street from my work. Also they are taking in new clients! I did some research and their customer reviews were great so I decided to go in for my yearly check up before the year ends.

    From my first encounter with them at the health fair they were super nice so great first impression. When I called in to make an appointment, the receptionist was super friendly and very very accommodating to my schedule. I got an appointment at the time of my choice 🙂 She sent me the paper forms to fill out so that when I come in for my appointment, I'll already have it ready. Also, she checked my insurance over the phone too 🙂

    When I came in for my visit the receptionist greeted me right away and all I had to do was provide my drivers license since everything else was already done beforehand. Love it! Then the dentist assistant, also super friendly. Got my panoramic x ray and the regular x-rays. After that, dr. Vivian Yin came in to introduce herself and walk me through the health of my mouth, teeth and gums. She did some physical tests of her own and she walked me through the steps of what she was doing and why. After that she told me that everything looked great but there were some things she noticed that she would recommend. Everything was so informative and she answered all the questions I had. Very professional and friendly.

    finally we got to the teeth cleaning, she was very gentle and always told me to let her know if anything is bothering me or felt uncomfortable. She always tried to wipe off any water that landed on my face. And the thing that really surprised me was dr. Yin did all the cleaning, like from getting all the stains and gunk between my teeth all the way to the flossing at the very end. Other dentists I've been to would have their assistants do all the other stuff. But she was so thorough with my teeth the whole time I was there. Both her and the assistant did an amazing job!

    The receptionist at the end gave me my free gift as my first visit while their promotion was going on and scheduled me for my next appointment which is in May but she said if I can't at that time then feel free to let her know in the future.

    Overall I loved loved loved my experience here and will definitely be coming back. Highly recommend. They really care for their patients and the health of their teeth 🙂

    thumb Katelin N.