Family Dentistry

Visit A Family-Friendly Office

  • Every member of your family is welcome here
  • Schedule your entire crew for the same time
  • Saturday appointments available by request

Keep Your Loved Ones Smiling With a Family Dentist in Los Alamitos

Your youngest children require a different kind of care than older adults do. Someone who is anxious about the dentist needs a different approach from someone who feels at ease. Your family dentist in Los Alamitos never takes a one-size-fits-all approach. When you visit Center Plaza Dentistry, you’re in good hands. We meet your loved ones’ needs, no matter their age. As our patient, you can:

  • Smile with full confidence in the beauty of your teeth and gums
  • Find flexible payment options for your family’s care
  • Catch and treat small problems before they can cause major damage
  • Enable your entire family to maintain happy smiles for life

Call Center Plaza Dentistry today at 562-344-5911 to schedule appointments for your whole crew. Ask our staff about scheduling everyone for the same time slot to save yourself time and hassle.

Give Your Family Excellent Care From Our Experienced Team

No matter your family members’ ages or the type of dental care they need, we can handle it here. We see patients as young as infants all the way up to seniors – and everyone in between.

We recommend that you bring your baby to see our dentist whenever their first tooth appears, or by age 1. We’ll give their teeth and gums a quick check for any obvious problems. As your child gets older, their appointments will more closely resemble your own, with a complete dental exam and teeth cleaning at each six-month checkup. Your dentist also may suggest preventive treatments like sealants to keep your child’s smile healthy. You are welcome to stay with your child during treatment so they feel at ease.

We offer a full assortment of beneficial dental treatments for the rest of your family. We can help when:

  • Your teen has a cavity and needs a tooth filling
  • You need dental implants to replace one missing tooth or a whole mouth of teeth
  • You want to straighten a crooked smile with Invisalign
  • You’d like to look younger with cosmetic dentistry treatments like dental veneers and teeth whitening

To schedule an appointment with a Los Alamitos family dentist, call Center Plaza Dentistry today at 562-344-5911. You can also request an appointment online. Our team will do all we can to make your experiences with us as positive as possible!

Common Questions About Family Dentistry
What is family dentistry?

Family dentistry focuses on protecting the smiles of you and your loved ones. A family dentist is skilled in treating patients of all ages, ranging from young children to seniors. They offer a range of services, from happy appointments for children to cosmetic, restorative, and other dental procedures for everyone else in the family.

What should I look for in a family dentist?

One of the most important things you should look for in a family dental office is one that routinely treats a wide age range of patients with a variety of dental problems. When your family dentist has the experience and expertise you need, you can rest easy knowing your family will receive the best smile care possible.

Why should I go to a family dentist?

Taking your loved ones to a family dentist will ensure they get the best care possible with the least hassle. With a good go-to dentist office that can treat your entire family, you won’t waste time driving all over town to different offices. Plus, all your dental records will be in one convenient location if you ever need them.